Winter has arrived and it has brought with it another bout of cold, cough and flu. It starts with a little irritation in the throat, a few sneezes here and there and goes on to become a full-fledged body aching, stuffed nose horror. Your body may get wracked with coughs and chest congestion. You may have difficulty breathing and have trouble sleeping at night because of this. As winter progresses, the days will keep getting cold and your body will find it even harder to deal with it. Here’s good news. We have a powerful ally in nature to help battle out these winter troubles.  Herbs are one of the most simple and natural remedies to fight as well as prevent diseases. Here’s a list of 5 herbs compiled by Miric Biotech Ltd. which can help you tackle these problems.

  • Ginger

This spicy herb finds use in curing a wide array of health issues. One of its uses is in relieving the much detested symptoms of cold and cough. As it has anti-inflammatory properties, it reduces the inflammation in the mucus membranes and sinus cavities and helps the accumulated mucus to flow out, thereby relieving blocked nose. It also soothes sore throat and is known to kill rhinovirus which is the causal organism for common cold. It also boosts your immune system, thereby preventing you from catching cold, in the first place! Have ginger tea in the morning and make this your daily routine. You can also add a dash of honey to make it more appealing to your taste buds.


  • Pineapple

Considered as a fruit, it is a less known fact that pineapple comes under herbaceous plants. It contains an enzyme called bromelain which is effective for treating cough. It also relieves sinusitis, i.e. swelling of the mucous membrane. This allows mucus to flow out and helps clear blocked nose. You can eat the fruit directly or consume its juice.


  • Peppermint

Widely known for its beneficial effect on gastric issues, this herb is also an effective remedy for cold and sore throat. Menthol in peppermint helps soothe the throat. It also clears away mucus, thereby relieving nasal congestion. Have a glass of peppermint tea in the morning or inhale peppermint vapors by adding few peppermint leaves to boiling water.


  • Thyme

This wonder herb is known to be effective in curing cough and short-term bronchitis. It contains flavonoids that relax throat muscles and help reduce inflammation of the airway. Drink thyme tea in the morning as an effective remedy to fight cold and cough. Add a bit of honey in it to make a sweet morning energy drink.


  • Eucalyptus oil

Almost everyone knows the valuable properties of this herb yet no one tries to benefit from it, a sad yet true fact!! This herb is a well-known decongestant- it opens up the sinuses and even helps clear the bronchial passageway, very effective in treating bronchitis. Try inhaling its vapors by adding a few drops of eucalyptus oil in boiling water. You may get surprised by the results!

Let’s fight these winter woes together with Miric Biotech. Share these tips with your near and dear ones and help them stand tall and healthy against these winter enemies. To know more about how herbs help you heal and battle illnesses, visit Miric Biotech Limited.