Slip of mind is the world’s most unwanted yet most common excuse for not remembering anything. Or rather it apparently is world’s most dangerous disorder or sickness. Just imagine a slip of mind by a train pilot before applying breaks to the train or a slip of mind by a doctor during a surgery. Imagine the consequences of such a situation. Those will be fatal to a person and more importantly to the society in whole. This isn’t any new knowledge. Every person on this earth is aware of this fact and yet nobody proposes to take this issue into any kind of serious consideration. Someone has to take an initiative to enlighten the population about the importance of IQ and brain health, and we have raised our hand to accomplish the task. We, at Miric Biotech Limited understand the depth of the situation and would like to impart awareness to our friends on the issue of brain health. This article is focused on few tips on how to increase your IQ and improve your brain health.

It has been rightly said that the Answers to man’s every question lies in the nature” and to prove this fact we are gifted with natural herbs which are capable of balancing every biological process in our body, let alone be the brain. Ayurveda is powerful and we all know that but more power lies in the hands of nature. So being dependent on nature is much more hygienic than being dependent on manmade stuffs which are no doubt revolutionary but at the same time can be hazardous. So being close to the nature is the best that we can do to ourselves and the ecosystem we live in.

Tips to improve IQ and brain health

  • Junk food raises a clunk: Junk foods are hefty on the pockets, nasty on the health and do no good to the hunger. So, when spending your hard earned money on junk food is not wisdom then how will consuming that food make you wise! There is a saying in Hindi which tells “Sada bhojan, ucchh vichar” meaning “simple and natural food leads to high thinking” and thinking comes straight away from brain. Even the Ayurveda says that a person’s mind is most stable when fed upon whole, natural food and not highly processed, chemically nourished junk food stuffs which contain neuro-degenerating substances.
  • Diet supplement leads to low IQ: Supplements can undoubtedly fulfill your bodily needs but can never be compared to natural antioxidant rich foods. Each variety of antioxidant rich food such as fruits and vegetables leads your body to shed the loads of rising free-radicals and improve your mental health. And supplements cause numerous diseases and even lead to mental impairment.
  • Butter says yes to wisdom: Butter or ghee is the best source of variety of fatty acids that our body needs. Apart from creating a burst in overall health, butter has been boosting brain mechanism since ages. Medicated butter is one of the biggest pranks on us as it tastes butter but pamper neurodegenerative diseases.

Miric Biotech Limited has used a wide range of technology to cater with the increasing health concerns by the help of Ayurveda. With ever increasing power to Ayurveda and Miric Biotech Ltd., a lot of fitness regimes have been reintroduced with better improvisation to increase effectiveness. Natural herbs and organic materials have been very efficiently used to bring medicinal reforms such as Mir-X Memory Remedy which only cure and never kill, unlike others.

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