A healthy outside starts from the inside. After a certain age, a woman’s body reacts in a very mysterious form, she can’t understand what’s happening inside her, and yes it’s the menopause. It is something that everyone do not find good. There is a certain uncertainty in the body, which includes weight gain, hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, headaches, irritability, hair loss, anxiety, nervousness, depression, sleep disturbances, gas, vaginal issues, urinal problems, hormonal imbalance etc. That’s way more for any woman to handle. Miric Biotech has been rigorously working to find a permanent solution to this problem. This happens predominantly because of hormonal imbalance in our bodies during menopause. Natural and organic solutions treat this erratic situation with natural herbs by improving hormonal regulation.

Woman’s physiology experiences number of changes in midlife. A growing number of women experience very drastic hormonal issues as they move into peri-menopause and menopause. The estrogen and progesterone levels degrade drastically as they age, but progesterone declines by 75% and remains to its one fourth it once had. This reduction is the reason of hormonal imbalance and a state of estrogen dominance. This is the common condition for women in peri-menopause (mid-forties) and menopause. Natural herbs that are used in tackling this are listed below:

Korean ginseng – It is an all curing ingredient, with adaptogenic qualities. People suffering from ultimate stress got their back with these. They prove to be a relief for people tackling stress, by maintaining hormonal balance on adrenals. Along with these, they improve fatty acid metabolism, stamina, energy and physical performance. They also mark their commendable properties on oxygenation and immune system of a person.

Black cohosh – They are basically triterpene glycosides, which are helpful in estrogen maintenance by modulating them as they increase the metabolic rate of a person. These are helpful in suppressing the symptoms that are basically seen during menopause, they decrease hot flashes, increase blood flow in the pelvic area, relieve spasms, and improve hormone related mood depression. This is a very safe and natural compound to use in support of estrogen balance.

Red Clover – It is a variety of clover with flowers, reddish in color. It has several medicinal and domestic uses, but it has been found most effective in treatment and relief from hot flashes caused to a woman during menopause. The Iso flavones present in its flowers helps to maintain mimic estrogen in the body. This balance of mimic estrogen helps in lowering down the incidence and intensity of hot flashes.

Skullcap – Mood swings and depression are the two most common concerns a woman goes through during menopause and should be taken in consideration. American skullcap is one of the best herbs amongst several other herbs which are capable of relieving menopausal breakthroughs. Skullcap has been given an extra emphasis in some scientific research for its super power to calm the state of mind.

Imbalances in hormonal activity, in either direction, are common during menopause. There are a number of natural remedies for promoting hormonal balance, this Miric Biotech Ltd is a very trustworthy company, trying to bring a change, by using the most natural and organic ways to cure sensitive and delicate issues. Hurry up, and find the best natural method possible. Stay fit, inside out.